Boasting the latest in Honda’s ultra-compact, lightweight 4-stroke engine, Honda’s UMK425 Loop Brushcutter offers superb power and more torque than ever before.

Honda leads the world in revolutionary mini 4-stroke engines delivering more power and using less oil than the 2-stroke alternatives. The UMK425 Loop is powered by Honda’s new Generation II GX25 Mini 4-Stroke engine delivering commercial-grade power.

With its auto-decompression, electronic ignition and anti-flood primer system, the UMK425 Loop will ‘start first time every time’ year-after-year. It’s what you’ve come to expect from Honda.


The UMK425 Loop Brushcutter with its 4-stroke engine technology runs on unleaded fuel, so no more fuel mixing plus it’s economical on fuel giving great savings for commercial users.


The UMK425 Loop Brushcutter features full 360° ‘any-side-up’ operation, so you can use it and store it in any position. It delivers excellent torque and performance via an all-new Generation II, GX25 4-Stroke engine.

Superior engineering applied to the UMK425 Loop will produce less noise and smoke. User comfort is uncompromised, with the UMK425 Loop handle featuring a comfortable solid drive shaft with unique anti-vibration engine mount. These features make it easy on the environment and easy on the body when working on those big projects.