• MOTUL 5100 4T 10W40

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    Technosynthese® 4-Stroke lubricant – Ester technology – Improved shear resistance. Smooth shifting. Meets JASO MA2 specifications for optimal wet clutch performance. Suitable for catalytic converters
  • Lubricant for Off road motorcycle chains. Applicable for all types of chains: standard and with O-ring, X-ring and Z-ring. Specially recommended for off-road use. Repels sand and soil. Reduces friction and loss of power. Increases chain durability. Water and rust resistant.
  • A First Aid Kit which fits into a practical little red case. Due to its colour, the top-case can be easily located either in a top-case or under a seat. Inside, you will find all you need should First Aid be required. Homologated (DIN13167 Law). This Kit is useful in any situation that may be encountered whilst travelling either by motorbike, car or bicycle and for those who practice sport or pursue outdoor activities, it should be carried at all times. Content includes the following : bandages, adhesive tape, self-adhesive bandages, gauze, scissors, pvc gloves and isothermic blanket.
  • MOTUL 7100 4T 10W40

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    100% synthetic lubricant based on Ester-Technology. Standard viscosity grade, almost recommended by motorcycle manufacturers worldwide. Anti-wear additives and shear resistance for perfect gear protection and life time. JASO MA2 warranties a better output between friction plates of wet clutch and ensure a perfect clutch lock up at take off, acceleration and full speed. Easy gear shifting.
  • Designed and developed  to create a natural feeling texture the A360 defines a new level of grip safety and assures the best level of comfort for the rider. The grip features a new raised sheeting logo which has the following functions: - Improve hand grip, giving a higher sense of control - Improve bioclimatology by reducing sweating - Help clean the palm of the glove in extreme conditions Another important feature of this new grip is two stress reduction zones which have been ergonomically placed in the two most highly stressed contact points at either end of the grip. These zones have been developed with a special soft texture which has been proven to significantly reduce the onset of blisters. The grip also has proper seats to allow the use of lock wire to enhance the security of the grip without interfering with the palm of the hand. The bas-relief A360 logo improves heat exchange by increasing air flow during use; this reduces hand temperature and subsequently reduces stress to the palm. All of these new design elements, matched with the well established technology that Domino applies to all of it’s products ensures that the new A360 grip is an outstanding product for even the most demanding riders. 120 mm long.

    $42.00 Incl GST
    The SCOTT 350 Race Junior Glove is for the rider who wants dependable performance at an affordable price. The glove features a spandex upper, Velcro closure for increased adjustment and synthetic leather palm. FEATURES:
    •  Lightweight stretch back of hand
    • One piece synthetic leather palm
    • Slip on styling

    $44.00 Incl GST
    The SCOTT 350 Race Glove was designed with a minimalist approach. The single layer palm offers an unprecedented feel. A low profile Velcro closure, a twill span upper and a Clarino palm make this glove the best bang for the buck around. FEATURES:
    • One piece span back of hand, Velcro wrist closure
    • Velcro wrist closure
    • Single layer Clarino palm for maximum feel
    • Silicone tacky palm and lever grip
  • 800 2T FL OFF ROAD

    $44.47$155.95 Incl GST
    Formula developed for Motocross Grand Prix Teams. Suitable with standard and unleaded gasoline up to 124 octane. All racing 2 stroke engines, high performance and using premix : Moto cross, Enduro, Trials, Quads, Watercrafts, Ultra lights… For road bikes, use MOTUL 800 2T ROAD RACING. For oil injector systems, use MOTUL 710 2T.

    $49.90 Incl GST
    MFX3 Gloves Youth Extreme ventilation for extreme riders. An ultra-ventilated motocross glove adapted to the form of young riders’ hands. Palm in synthetic leather. Topside in large Mesh for improved airflow. TPR and Velcro adjustment tab. Finger contours in Heavy Lycra. And some clever visual appeal from our designer: the Sonic FIVE logo on the top of the hand is designed to be “legible” from afar, but not necessarily from close-up.
  • Aerofast tie downs are available in Karabiner and hook types. Rated break strength of 600kg, rated lashing strength of 350kg. Tiedown extensions for fixed position points are also available. 2mx25mm
  • Especially designed for junior riders, the Buzz MX goggle is optimized for smaller faces. It provides a maximum field of vision while riding and the large works lens offers the possibility to mount a SCOTT WFS roll-off system. The no-slip silicone strap gives perfect goggle stabilization which makes it a perfect choice for junior riders looking for the best SCOTT technologies.
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    SIZE 2 ONLY Shift Silhouette Womens Jeans, Features include,Durable 12oz. Denim, inclusive of spandex stretch, provides greater abrasion resistance and protection, while conforming to the body.100% Kevlar reinforced panels in the saddle, thigh and knee/shin provides maximum safety and abrasion resistance.