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  • We are full stockists of Pirelli Road and Dirt tyres. Price depending on Size. Call us for the best deal!
  • Since "Yoshimura Motors" founded in Fukuoka, Japan in 1954, Pop Yoshimura started engine tuning in his own way. There was no information of engine tuning at that time, and he tuned many engines all by himself with his inspiration and knowledge in engineering. Soon later he became famous for tuning among American armies, and he started to be called "God Hand." He challenged everything to overcome problems and improve tuning ability by himself and his continuous challenges made many victories in various races. His years of experience made the name "Yoshimura" famous for the quality and the performance. Still more, the reputation has been created from various racing victories around the world. And they were the result of his unremitting effort. The company Yoshimura has done an expansion abroad in 1973 and Yoshimura companies (Yoshimura Japan Co., Ltd. and Yoshimura Research & Development of America, inc.) have been both started to grow dealing with motorcycle performance products. Pop became a man of legend with his achievement. And his son, Fujio, who inherited the spirit and the concept has been leading further growth of motor sports under the name of "Yoshimura". The revolutionary design of Duplex exhaust system, MJN carburetor and Tri-Oval silencer were created from his idea and the technologies of the products have been achieving victories in races. His unflagging energy, the effort and the talent of creativity has been making Yoshimura name more firmly. Yoshimura keeps challenging from its establishment 1954. Since then the sprits live in all the Yoshimura products and the quality and the performance are the proof of it. CALL US FOR YOUR BIKE SPECIFIC PRICE!
  • Universal windscreens available in specific models, offering specific aerodynamic spoilers available for the majority of bike models on the market.

    Motul has set itself the demanding goals of constantly producing quality lubricants with ever better performances and pushing back the boundaries of technology. Product innovation in the Group is a daily and shared approach.  
    Motul is a world leader in producing Lubricants.
    We stock and sell a vast range of Oil and Care Products. We also use Motul oil in our service department.
    You can have faith that the best lubricant is being used for your Bike.
  • We are full stockists of METZELER Road and Dirt tyres. Price depending on Size. Call us for the best deal!
  • We are full stockists of DUNLOP Road and Dirt tyres. Price depending on Size. Call us for the best deal!
  • We are full stockists of CONTINENTAL Road and Dirt tyres. Price depending on Size. Call us for the best deal!
  • Maxi Grip® - NZ designed for NZ conditions CALL US FOR THE BEST DEAL! PRICE SPECIFIC TO SIZE All-new ATV tyre with aggressive tread pattern designed for maximum grip in NZ conditions. New Zealand's best value, best performing ATV tyre. Maxi Grip® benefits:
    • Cleats are spaced further apart to give a bigger bite
    • Cleat treads are deeper but still flexible so that clay and mud can be cleared with a flick of the throttle
    • Tread rubber is tougher & more durable
    • NZ trials confirm Maxi Grip® are giving extended grip and tyre life
    • Easier to fit to rims
    • UNIQUE CONSTRUCTION Pressure fit molded comfort liner system provides a smooth inner chassis for maximum comfort
    • SUPPORT Adjustable waist buckle closure system
    • Level 1 back protector constructed to reduce impact energy transmission
    • Stone shield constructed with energy dispersing molded panels
    • Strategically placed ventilation ports for maximum cooling
    • Refined fit for maximum deflector coverage
    • Adjustable suspension shoulder guards with molded comfort liner
    • Back protector tested and certified according to European,Standard EN 1621-2:2014
    • Stone shield tested and certified according to the basic,requirements of Directive 89/686/EEC
    • Adjustable and removable biceps arm guards with molded comfort liner
  • Motomuck cleaner is a product the dirt-bike market has been crying out for. It is a non-caustic, acid free cleaner that won’t start fading your trusty steed’s aluminium and alloy over a period of time. It will however cut through all that new or old grime, and bring out the original lustre that hides beneath that dirt. No need for brushes to get in to those tight fiddly bits around the motor or elsewhere, just a layer of MOTOMUCK cleaner left on for 10 minutes, and then sprayed off with a jet of water, ridding the surface of all excess dirt. No need to use a high pressure cleaner, therefore preventing blasting out of grease in all linkages and bearings, and other short and long term damage caused by high pressure cleaners. Make life easier for yourself, feel proud when you walk past your bike in your garage. Make use of this internationally proven Kiwi MOTOMUCK formula.
  • Lubricant for Off road motorcycle chains. Applicable for all types of chains: standard and with O-ring, X-ring and Z-ring. Specially recommended for off-road use. Repels sand and soil. Reduces friction and loss of power. Increases chain durability. Water and rust resistant.
  • A First Aid Kit which fits into a practical little red case. Due to its colour, the top-case can be easily located either in a top-case or under a seat. Inside, you will find all you need should First Aid be required. Homologated (DIN13167 Law). This Kit is useful in any situation that may be encountered whilst travelling either by motorbike, car or bicycle and for those who practice sport or pursue outdoor activities, it should be carried at all times. Content includes the following : bandages, adhesive tape, self-adhesive bandages, gauze, scissors, pvc gloves and isothermic blanket.