• 3100 GOLD 4T 10W40

    $16.50$61.06 Incl GST
  • 5100 4T 10W40

    $28.35$81.50 Incl GST
    Technosynthese® 4-Stroke lubricant – Ester technology – Improved shear resistance. Smooth shifting. Meets JASO MA2 specifications for optimal wet clutch performance. Suitable for catalytic converters
  • 7100 4T 10W40

    $33.69$123.13 Incl GST
    100% synthetic lubricant based on Ester-Technology. Standard viscosity grade, almost recommended by motorcycle manufacturers worldwide. Anti-wear additives and shear resistance for perfect gear protection and life time. JASO MA2 warranties a better output between friction plates of wet clutch and ensure a perfect clutch lock up at take off, acceleration and full speed. Easy gear shifting.
  • 800 2T FL OFF ROAD

    $44.47$155.95 Incl GST
    Formula developed for Motocross Grand Prix Teams. Suitable with standard and unleaded gasoline up to 124 octane. All racing 2 stroke engines, high performance and using premix : Moto cross, Enduro, Trials, Quads, Watercrafts, Ultra lights… For road bikes, use MOTUL 800 2T ROAD RACING. For oil injector systems, use MOTUL 710 2T.