There’s nothing like a high-revving four-cylinder bike that just makes a riders soul sing. Sure, all motorcycle engines are special, the heart and soul of our machines, but once you’ve ridden an inline four you’ll understand.

Especially if were talking about the one in the new Honda CB650R.  Here’s a machine built for the pure joy of riding. It handles like a sportbike, but has all the comfort of a standard. And the way it looks you can see that for yourself (but its like nothing you grew up with, that’s for sure).  A genuine middleweight, it gets everything right, combining handling, nimbleness and rideability with responsiveness and crisp, edgy style.  The Honda CB650R.  Its truly about performance, and about how much fun you’ll have.


– Powerful 650cc Lams Approved Engine


– 6 Speed Transmission

– LED Lights

– Showa Inverted Forks

– Radial Front Brakes with ABS

– ABS Brakes


– Immobiliser