Powerful 6000mAh Lithium Ion Battery pack will jump start petrol engines multiple times. 300 Amp peak starting current is perfect for motorcycles, ATV/SXS, cars, outboard’s or power equipment. Intelligent battery cable, tells you via LED lights the battery status and when you have it connected the wrong way. In addition to jumpstarting the EPOWER10 is a handy and fully portable power bank. The EPOWER10 Comes with a multi charge cable that has both iPhone/iPad and iPhone 5/6 connectors, Android and mini USB connector. Additionally it can charge any device with a standard USB charging cable. 3 full charges of iPhone 4 or similar.


The Poweroad EPOWER10 can be recharged from the included Car charger input or from any USB power supply Via the charging cable, and its small size and low weight make it perfect to take with you anywhere you may go. Great for camping and touring. The unit also features a built in LED torch and a LED charge level indicator. Its long standby life means you will never be caught out by a flat battery again.


L139 X W75 X H15 mm Weight 200 grams