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    $39.90 Incl GST
    PINLOCK® NEW GENERATION EARPLUGS It’s common knowledge among experienced riders: you need good quality hearing protection. Exposure to noise levels of 95 to 105 decibels, quite common during motorcycle riding, for even a short period of only fifteen minutes may already cause permanent hearing damage. Hearing protection is very efficient in preventing this hearing damage, but only when the fit and material used is of excellent quality. Full frequency reduction This is where the new Pinlock® earplugs excel. Pinlock®, acknowledged as a leading brand in safety products, has developed this new innovative hearing protection especially for motorcycle use, manufactured in The Netherlands by specialists to ensure premium quality. They differ from universal type hearing protection in the clever way the integrated precision filters brings the wind noise while riding down to a safer level, without causing a muffled or unnatural hearing experience. This advanced filter allows normal conversation without filtering important traffic sounds like sirens, horns or approaching vehicles. Clever design The new Pinlock® earplugs are competitively priced at $39.90 and come as a complete set with two different sized plugs to offer a custom, all-day comfortable fit to almost every rider. Clever designed for motorcycle use, Pinlock® earplugs will stay fixed when the helmet is put on or taken off. Absolutely silicone free material is used to prevent allergic reactions. The Pinlock® Earplugs are washable and packed in a convenient hard-case which not only keeps your Pinlock® Earplugs free from dirt and debris, but also serves as a key and card holder.
  • Waterproof bike cover. Material: Polyester 210D Oxford, colour: black with silver print and seams in a contrasting colour As standard: - thermo-sealed seams to ensure complete water resistance - closure at the base with straps and clips - front and rear holes to allow the chain to be passed through the wheel - elastic strap at the base to improve adherence to the vehicle S202L: Suitable for: small scooter, naked, sports, and classic bikes. h. 125>100 x l. 205 x w. 70>95 S202XL: Suitable for: maxiscooter, sport-tourer, tourer, enduro, custom. h. 125>110 x l. 238 x w. 70>95
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    The CTEK XS 0.8 Battery Charger offers state of the art technology and is perfect for charging smaller 12V batteries found in motorcycles, jet skis, ATV’s and lawnmowers. It is also suitable for maintenance charging "normal-sized" batteries such as car batteries. The unique display allows the user to follow the entire charging process.

    The XS 0.8 is a compact and fully automatic 6-step charger for 12V batteries from 1.2-32Ah and is suitable for maintenance charging up to 100Ah. The XS 0.8 is IP 65 classified (splash and dust proof), delivers 0.8A and is designed to protect vehicle electronics. It is non-sparking, reverse polarity protected and short-circuit proof. Keep you battery in optimum condition this year-round with a CTEK Battery Charger.

  • New from Bike Lift is the ‘Black Ice’ range of stands.  This range is made from the best quality 40 mm special steel for more rigidity and stability, but with a lower weight.  They feature new easy adjustable V or rubber cursors for the rear stand and under fork adapters for the front stand.  They also have super light 120mm nylon wheels.  They look great in satin matt black.
  • Aluminium Loading Ramps Non-Folding Straight (pair) Excellent quality, reliable and rustproof. Made with High Tensile Aluminium, and has a 3 rail structure with extra welds to ensure strength and rigidity. Comes complete with securing pins and straps.
    • Weigh 12.5kg per pair
    • 1800mm long x 280mm wide
    • Rated for a 450kg load (pair)
    Wide pleated rung plates for extra grip and strength.
  • The SMH5-FM is a Bluetooth 3.0 stereo headset with Bluetooth intercom and built-in FM tuner designed specifically for motorcycles. With the SMH5-FM, you can call handsfree on your Bluetooth mobile phone, listen to stereo music or voice instructions of GPS navigations by Bluetooth wirelessly, and have two-way intercom conversations in full duplex with a passenger or other motorcycle riders. Thanks to the latest Bluetooth 3.0 and the advanced digital signal processing technology, the SMH5 offers the best sound quality for both incoming and outgoing sound in its class. Also, the easy-to-access and intuitive button operations make the SMH5-FM a perfect companion for motorcycles. SENA SMH5-FM features:
    • Bluetooth 3.0
    • Bluetooth intercom up to 700 meters (760 yards)*
    • Built-in FM radio tuner with channel seek/scan/preset function
    • Multi-pair Bluetooth intercom
    • Voice prompts
    • Bluetooth stereo headset by A2DP
    • Bluetooth music playback control by AVRCP: Play, pause, track forward and track back
    • Easy operation by versatile Jog Dial
    • Sufficient sound level with integrated audio booster
    • Bluetooth handsfree for Bluetooth mobile phones
    • Bluetooth headset or stereo headset for Blueooth GPS navigations
    • Water resistant for use in inclement weather
    • Crystal clear and natural sound quality
    • Up to 7 hours talk time, 6 days stand-by time
    • Can be used while charging on road trips
    • Individual volume control for each audio source
    • Firmware upgradeable
    • Peace of mind – thanks to the two-year warranty
    * in open terrain, Image is of the WIRED mic, BOOM Mic is now included in the one pack as a universal mic.

    $449.00 Incl GST
    The xSystem is Scottoiler's easiest to install and simplest system to use to date. It features a revolutionary new design that offers user-friendly features, such as one-touch adjustment, in a compact package that provides optimal chain lubrication for all riding conditions. It's perfect for anyone who is looking for a simple and discreet solution to chain cleaning and lubrication.
    • Electronic
    • Micro-piezo pump
    • Temperature independent
    • Digital adjustment on reservoir
    • Operates with engine vibration
    • 60mm reservoir
    • 5 flow-rate settings
    • Flashing LED
    • Feedback on pumping/adjustment at reservoir
  • Aluminium Loading Ramps Folding Curved (pair) Excellent quality, reliable and rustproof. Made with High Tensile Aluminium, and has a 3 rail structure with extra welds to ensure strength and rigidity. Comes complete with securing pins and straps.
    • Weigh 16kg per pair
    • 2250mm long x 280mm wide
    • Rated for a 680kg load (pair)
    Wide pleated rung plates for extra grip and strength

    $549.00 Incl GST
    The eSystem is Scottoiler's award-winning premium motorcycle chain lubrication system and the flagship model. Voted MCN "Acessory of the Year" for its fantastic technical features, ease of installation and road performance. Additionally the handle-bar riding display gives the user total control over the eSystem and makes it the most advanced motorcycle chain maintenance tool we have ever developed.
    • Electronic piston pump
    • Temperature independent
    • Remote digital adjustment
    • Operates with motorcycle motion
    • 60mm reservoir
    • 10 flow-rate settings
    • Visual indication of activation on display plus other readouts
  • SENA 20S - Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset and Intercom The Sena 20S Motorcycle Bluetooth® Communication System helps you enjoy your ride to the fullest by keeping you in touch with up to eight of your buddies in crystal-clear HD audio, up to 2.0 km away, through the Group Intercom™ feature. Sena’s 20S is the ideal universal Bluetooth headset for your motorcycle helmet, which uses the Universal Intercom™ protocol so it can be used with all Sena and non-Sena Bluetooth headsets on the market. Prepare to be amazed. The 20S delivers HD-quality audio that’s clear, precise, and comfortable in every condition. Sena’s Advanced Noise Control™ ensures ambient noise doesn’t interfere with incoming and outgoing audio. Bluetooth 4.1 technology, high-quality stereo Bluetooth speakers, and dual-module architecture create a smooth, crisp, and responsive user experience you’ll quickly appreciate. Sena 20S Audio Multitasking™ technology allows you to have an intercom conversation while simultaneously listening to music, FM radio, or GPS. No longer do users have to deal with the frustrations of interruption-based audio functions of past Bluetooth communication devices, the 20S’ universal intercom is the perfect solution. Now audio features won’t interrupt each other but simply overlay for a smooth listening experience. Enrich your ride with interweaving audio sources. The new user interface makes setting up and pairing your 20S incredibly easy, thanks to Sena’s motion sensor technology. Pair your Bluetooth devices with a simple shake of the 20S. Once you’re on the road, complete control of the 20S can be done through hands-free voice commands. Intuitive technology ensures safe, controlled riding as you seamlessly move through music, phone, and intercom features. The optional Handlebar Remote control gives you even more command-and-control flexibility. Technology that keeps things simple. That’s the Sena advantage.   Features:  
    • Dual Bluetooth module communication system
    • Audio Multitasking™
    • Multi-way intercom up to 8 connections
    • Group Intercom™
    • Bluetooth intercom up to 2.0 kilometers (1.2 miles)*
    • Smartphone App for iPhone and Android
    • Universal Intercom™
    • Advanced Noise Control™
    • Intuitive voice prompts and voice commands
    • HD quality crystal clear and natural sound
    • Bluetooth Audio Recording™
    • Versatile functions using motion sensor technology
    • All-in-one helmet clamp kit
    • Built-in FM radio tuner with a station scan and save function
    • Bluetooth pairing for dual mobile phones
    • Bluetooth handsfree for Bluetooth mobile phones
    • Bluetooth stereo headset for Bluetooth audio devices such as MP3 players
    • Bluetooth stereo headset for Bluetooth GPS navigations
    • Firmware upgradeable
    * in open terrain